4 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. could you please tell me where to find this yarn bee frosting or the playful, i have tried everywhere i can think of even ebay. no luck, or at least an idea on what i can subistute it for i am making the scarfs now but can’t continue til i know where i can get this at or what to sub. it with. i love how easy these to make and think they will be adorable when i get them finished, oh one more thing, the carrot nose, what size are they and are they wood or plastic and possibly where i can get some this time of year, i know i will be able to get them as it gets closer to winter, but would like to get some now. thanks so much and have a nice day. jean

  2. Hi Connie,
    I was looking at Ravelry and saw the row counter for the Curlique Coverlet. I then went on a search for the pattern but was unable to find it. Could you show me where I could look at the coverlet up close and purchase the pattern. When I clicked on the link on the row assister page for culique coverlet, it said it was an invalid link.

    Thanks for your help!!!

  3. I saw a Santa scarf that Sharon Thacker purchased from you, I am interested in obtaining one. How do I do that?

  4. Hey! I just wanted to say thanks so much for offering some of your patterns for free. But, I do have a question. I love the Magic scarf for the knifty knitter, but I don’t understand how to cast off with the working yarn. Do you thread the working yarn on a tapestry needle and then with it go UP through peg 1, go to peg 2 and go UP again until you get to the last peg and go UP again through peg 1? I’m just a little confused. Also, do you know if the Magic Scarf would look ok with regular yarn?
    Thanks so much!

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