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Grandma's Favorite Grandma’s Favorite Loomed Dishcloth

Scalloped Edge Scalloped Crochet Border

Ruffled Edge Ruffled Crochet Border

Small Scallop Crochet Border

Knitting an I-Cord using a Knitting Loom

Video Comments

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!  I love your video.  It so clearly explains everything and you do it in such a way that makes me feel comfortable in trying it myself.  I felt as though I am sitting with a friend who is truly trying to help me learn how to make a dishcloth on the loom.  So many of the videos people put online are so condescending that you don’t want to try.  I just had to tell you that you are very much appreciated!

Connie, thanks so much for taking the time to make these videos. I am a very visual person. especially when it comes to patterns. I appreciate your efforts.

I really enjoyed your crochet ruffle edge video. I have always done a v-stitch around the edge of my dishcloths. Your method seems to give a better ruffle effect and looks a bit easier. Thanks for sharing!

I watched your video…thank you. It has helped me actually in many ways. Not only will I have the pattern for the dishcloth, but I also know how to make a triangle which I have been trying to figure out how for quite some time now. I wanted to make a triangle head scarf and now I know how to do that, as well as increasing and decreasing. Thank you very much…you did a fine job

I just wanted to stop by and say Thank-you for posting your video’s. I love this stuff.
Dora Renee’ Wilkerson

Oh Connie!
Your video for Granny’s Favorite Dishcloth is just what I needed to learn how to do those pesky increases. I’d recommend to all our new knitting friends this video, since it’s just like having you in the room while I learned this technique. Cheers to you!
Liz Anderson
Colorado Springs, CO

Thanks sooo much for this! You did a fabulous job of explaining this.
Blessings, Carolyn

YIPEEEE YAHOOOIE! That is such an awesome video.
Thanks for sharing …again, Connie.

I love this video. I made your Grandmas favorite dish cloth
yesterday and even crocheted the edges. I need practice on the crocheting.
I love this pattern. I am going to make a baby blanket using the same technique
on a longer loom.
Thank you so much!

I also want to thank Connie for her Grandma’s Favorite Dishcloth Video! It
was great and I did learn how to increase and decrease! Unfortunately my
knit rows and purl rows all looked the same! But it’s not your video! I am
going to watch it again when Mathieu comes over and hooks up my speakers!
LOL I think that will help a lot! LOL
KraftiMama (June)

I’ve been looming for about three years now, this is
my FIRST attempt at doing the purl stitch on a loom! Isn’t that sad?
LOL!! I don’t know why I was so reluctant to try it before this, but
I just couldn’t wrap my mind around the directions I was reading for
purl stitch on a loom until I saw Connie’s video. Voila! The video
is really great and I can’t wait to finish this cloth and start the
next one!
Cheri in MI

Grandma’s Favorite will be my new favorite!
by JackieA
Connie you did a fabulous job of giving us instruction, I now feel ready to try more patterns with the knit & purl in them as well! Plus I love to make something homemade to give to friends & family and something they would use. This defiently fits the bill. Thanks so much for sharing with us. Now I just need to see if I can do this on any loom… I have the set of Knifty Knitters and the purple rake loom (which I think might work out great for this). Also you did a real nice job in showing the increase & decrease on the loom. I was able to tell which loops should go where…and why. Thanks for helping us newbies!!!

Grandma’s Favorite Dishcloth – Loomed
by felden1
Thanks Connie, that’s great. A bonus is I also learned to purl – I know there are instructions on how to purl but it always looked too complicated!

Loved it
This video is very informative. The only thing that could possibly be done to improve it would be to make the video clearer, it is a bit blurry. But, hey, this is the best instructive video that I have seen that shows an entire technique that results in a lovely product. Kudos to you Connie, and many, many thanks for your time and your generousity in sharing this with all of us!!!
by young.norma

2 thoughts on “FREE Instructional Videos

  1. Connie,

    I wish everyone would be as through as you are in showing the complete steps in the videos… are a blessing to all…thank you so much for sharing your videos as it will surely help me to understand being a fairly new loomer.

    Bless you!!

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